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As a Consortium, we are in a position to negotiate with companies and sponsors to obtain discounts and benefits for all Consortium colleges, all of which will be outlined below along with relevant contact details and links if you wish to find out more.

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  • starArticulate Storyline
    Articulate Storyline 2

    We have secured a reduced purchase price for all Consortium members for Articulate Storyline 3 at a saving of up to 50% per license. Considered an industry standard tool for e-learning development. We recommend SL3 to all BLC members due to it's rich features and familiar interface. Contact us for more details:

    For advice on using Storyline visit the Articulate community:

  • starbulb

    bulb is a beautiful, easy to use, web-based digital portfolio.

    bulb is where students and educators curate and create, share and showcase their excellence.

    bulb provides an innovative, easy and powerful ePortfolio environment to study, socialise and showcase student and educator academic achievements and brilliance.

    Please review this brief video for a quick overview:

    bulb is built for both the educator and the student. bulb users gather information, develop ideas and then share and showcase their work in a beautiful format. And, most importantly, bulb is uniquely designed so the user owns, creates, updates and continues to enhance their content for life no matter where their educational and occupational learning journey leads them.

    Students use bulb digital portfolios to document the learning process, reflect on past work, showcase final products, receive feedback, make adjustments and develop a healthy digital presence.

    Educators use bulb to model to their students the importance and practical application of a career digital portfolio. They do this by capturing their own goals, growth, continuing education and reflection, as well as designing lessons and assignments to deliver quality curriculum to their students.

    "Electronic portfolios are no longer just a good idea; they are an exceptional and a powerful element of college and career readiness"

    Emerging Edtech Magazine

      As an academic tool:

    • bulb encourages collaboration – features allow students and teachers to easily interact with one another and effectively engage in a peer review process.
    • bulb emphasizes the documentation & refinement of process – learning is far more than just the final product; research shows that showing work and demonstrating the process of discovery is fundamental to knowledge acquisition.
    • bulb promotes formative assessment – educators can more easily identify their students’ strengths, abilities and passions. Differentiate students based on what they actually accomplish rather than just a test score or a GPA.
    • bulb develops healthy digital citizenshipbulb equips students to understand what is appropriate online and how to manage their online presence.
    • As software:

    • bulb is easy – we believe technology should make life better. Digital Portfolios ought to make the collection, curation and showcasing of knowledge simple. bulb lives by the 90/10 rule: 90% of your time should go to creating and showcasing ideas and 10% should go to getting to know the tool.
    • bulb is beautiful – a portfolio should be something to be proud of. bulb is meticulous about beautiful design and its purpose is to make ideas beautiful and compelling.
    • bulb is compatible – good tools should interact well with other education software. bulb connects easily with Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology and many more essential education apps.
    • BESTest

      As a lifelong tool:

    • bulb is practical – your work, ideas, inventions and musings should be easy to create and always available to you for refinement, sharing and showcasing.
    • bulb is portable – learning and content creation should be possible anywhere. bulb is web-based, so it goes with you everywhere, on any device. Wherever you go, bulb is always with you.
    • bulb is private – your work should be protected. Only you should decide who sees your work and when they see it. If you want to make your work available to specific individuals or the general public you can; if you never want anyone to see it, that’s an option, too.
    • bulb is personal – your work should always be your own. No matter where you teach, where you learn, or what you do with the work you’ve created, it should be yours forever, to use however and whenever you wish.

    Buy bulbSchool for a special price as a BLC member

    • Up to 10,000 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £1750
    • 10,001 to 20,000 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £3000
    • Over 20,001 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £5000

    The above special pricing models allow;
    - all staff & students to use bulb during the first year of usage
    - staff to benefit from free-of-charge online training at the time of deployment
    - only active users will be charged in years two and three

    Examples of Excellent Educator and Student bulb Portfolios:

    View this pdf for more information about bulb:

    bulb website:

    bulbSchool product site:

    Email us for more information about bulb:

  • starClickView
    Century Intelligent Learning

    ClickView, relevant, educational content at your fingertips

    Blended Learning Consortium offer: Ongoing 20% discount

    As educators, we know that each student learns differently. We believe that video is the perfect way to engage with any student, despite differences in learning preferences. At ClickView, our goal is to give educators the best opportunity to create a rich learning experience through video education for students.

    ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos

    • Our team of educators produce video content from Primary, Secondary right through to Further and Higher education with additional resources to drive deeper learning.
    • We also continuously record 24 Freeview channels, as well as 8 European satellite channels. You can find any programme from the past 28 days on ClickView TV.
    • We curate requested educational programmes from the BBC RES archive and provide this high-quality content on ClickView.

    Enrich your library experience with existing systems

    • Seamlessly integrates with popular VLEs including Moodle, Microsoft, Google Classroom, Canvas, and more.
    • Access ClickView with Single Sign-On (SSO) using existing staff and student accounts. No need for a new password!
    • Our digital signage solution gives you the space to display the latest video content at your school and college.
    • Save internet bandwidth and load high quality videos faster with Local Cache.

    Turn passive viewing into active learning experiences

    • Create active learning experiences by adding annotations, short answer questions, and multiple choice responses to deepen understanding and feedback.
    • Educators receive detailed reporting within ClickView, which provide measurable results of video viewing and concept comprehension.
    • Our Interactive videos support blended learning as students can engage deeply with the video both in and out of the classroom.

    Learn more about ClickView by visiting our website:

    Email Chris Woods at ClickView to learn more:

  • starEduCare

    Safeguarding and Duty of Care service for your staff

    EduCare provides a complete online training package for induction and refresher CPD training for Colleges and University staff called EduCare for Education – Colleges and Universities®.

    The package includes a wide range of courses to help staff safeguard students, such as ‘Safeguarding Young People’, ‘The Prevent duty’ and ‘Mental Wellbeing’, as well as courses on GDPR, Equality and Diversity and Health & Safety for staff inductions.

    The package includes a robust reporting suite that enables colleges to evidence safeguarding training has taken place in accordance with statutory obligations as well as manage all staff learning and progress.

    Blended Learning Consortium members qualify for a 20% discount off the entire service.

    Blended learning resources for your students

    EduCare also work with colleges to provide their students with direct access to CPD certified training resources. These resources provide evidence for course portfolios, enhance their study programmes and get them placement ready for subjects such as Health and Social Care, Early Years and Childhood, Sport, and Hospitality & Catering.

    By mapping our courses to curricula, students have been able to practice real blended learning by completing courses as part of organised group sessions or in their own time.

    Find out how Solihull College and University Centre train both staff and students in this video:

    Visit our website:

    Please contact us with any enquiries:

  • starThink Smart
    think smart

    “Inspectors will consider the extent to which learners receive thorough and impartial careers guidance to enable them to make informed choices about their current learning and future career plans” OFSTED Further Education and Skills Handbook

    Think Smart helps your current and prospective students discover the right career path for them, and guides them towards the appropriate courses, vacancies and apprenticeships to achieve their ambitions.

    Here is a demo video:

    We interview professionals across a wide range of industries about their jobs, and use this to develop real-world problem-solving scenarios that your students can try out to get an understanding of what different career paths involve. Our adaptive algorithms track the topics and activities they enjoy in order to guide them towards appropriate career choices.

    We offer:

    • Hundreds of problem-solving scenarios across >35 industries and constantly growing content
    • The ability to rapidly build new content according to you + your local economy’s needs
    • A word bank for students to add definitions of difficult jargon
    • Guidance for prospective students towards appropriate courses and/or job vacancies
    • Comprehensive analytics platform to measure progress throughout their student journey
    think smart screenshot

    We are delighted to offer a 20% discount on licenses to BLC members. Please contact us for details and to arrange a demo:


    Tel: 07492393793

    Visit our website for more information: