Blended Learning Consortium

High quality shared resources specifically developed for higher education.


About the Consortium

Following on from the huge success of the Blended Learning Consortium in the further education sector, Heart of Worcestershire College has had requests from universities and FE colleges with HE provision to build a similar partnership for the creation of blended learning resources for higher education students.

The HE BLC will work according to the same tried and tested principles as the FE BLC based around democratic choice of content to be developed, co-funding of development by member organisations and the writing and building of the resources carried out by subject and e-learning experts by members which is paid for through pooled funding. Resources created will be shared across all members in SCORM and HTML5 formats and members will also be able to download source files so they can customise and localise the content if required.

Benefits of working as a Blended Learning Consortium

  • Democratic decision making on content developed
  • Efficiency savings through pooled funding across a number of organisations
  • High quality interactive content that can be edited for local context
  • Opportunities for your staff to get involved and paid for writing and developing content
  • Webinars, events and training to develop and share best practice
  • Exclusive offers with commercial partners for member colleges

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about getting involved in this project, please contact:

Peter Kilcoyne, ILT Director, Heart of Worcestershire College.